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Published: 02/27/2020
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What Causes Razor Bumps [On Face In 2022 Reviews]

What Causes Razor Bumps? Razor bumps happen anytime hair is cut extremely close to the skin. This causes the hair follicle to recede, or curl back into the skin.

Since pubic hair is very curly, this happens most often to women who shave the pubic area.

It is important to treat this condition as quickly as possible because the curled-back hair causes irritation, which can lead to infection. Close-shaving the pubic area can also lead to ingrown hairs.

Once curled back, the hair follicle can then begin to grow in the wrong direction, making the area become inflamed and sometimes very painful.

Steps towards Prevention

The first step in the prevention of hair-caused razor bumps and follicle inflammation is to stop shaving. If you give the area a rest for about three days, chances are good the hair will re-orient itself to grow out the top of your skin’s surface.

If this doesn’t work the following suggestions will provide more prevention ideas and also provide more options for an effective solution:

When tending to the skin is very sensitive areas it is always a very good idea to use a new razor every time.

This is better hygiene and reduces the chances of infection setting in.

If you shave in the direction the hair grows, this can also assist in fewer razor bumps. So we can shave only in the afternoons or evenings. When the skin is not as relaxed or as sensitive when first waking up.

When asleep, body fluids also amass in certain sensitive areas such as under the eyes and arms, etc. This slight puffiness can cause shaving hazards to occur.

Wait for a minimum of thirty minutes before shaving if you are used to doing this first thing in the morning. Also, once the skin becomes more taught, the hair follicle is more exposed and is easier to remove with no issues arising.

Shave after you shower so you can focus on taking care of your skin, and not be distracted by rushing water or rubbing in of skin products.

Some skins prefer gels to creams, which can mean less clogging of the skin pores. Others report the opposite, so experiment and get to know your own skin-care sensitivities.

Try not to run your razor over the same area more than once.

This scraping is very hard on the skin’s surface and does lead to more razor bumps. It also leads to razor burns, which can be painful, especially in the area where a tight panty or bikini elastic band is found.

Many suggest using Aloe-Vera on the skin to help with this. Natural, non-skin-irritating products usually mean products that contain fewer chemical additives and more natural ingredients that promote healing over a quick-sell because a chemical makes you “feel more smooth.”

If you usually shave in the bath, do not hang around very long in the water before shaving. Make it the first thing you do.

This is because, after only eight minutes, the skin begins to shrivel from being soaked in water. This shriveling of the skin can make shaving much more dangerous.

If you avoid running your razor over your skin more than once or twice

The remaining hairs that might have been missed should be gone after with a pop-up trimmer or a micro-touch razor.

Razor bumps do get infected and this can happen easily if one is not paying close attention to the skin.

Using an antibacterial cream is a good idea anytime you find red, swollen or bumpy-sore areas in your shaving-zone.

Being proactive is the easiest way to prevent infection and razor bumps in general. So learning new habits is also one of the fastest ways to handle this.

DO NOT pick at or squeeze your razor bumps. This only makes it all worse.

Some women find that using hair-removal creams works much better. Some have even reported that using the cream on existing razor bumps can be an effective approach to healing them.

The cream that is receiving this accolade is a prescription facial hair removal medication that is only available from your doctor by prescription. So be forewarned about potential allergy from chemical combinations.

For those without allergy sensitivities. The medication contains about 13.9 % of eflornithine hydrochloride and is more commonly known as “Vaniqa.” This product is manufactured by Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Skin Care Alternatives

There are many skin-care products on the market. We can fill a whole page with different names and claims.

Choosing sensitive skin-care solutions is an individual choice, and to support a healthy body. The following list is of effective skin-care approaches that are natural and consequently have no negative side effects. You can decide for yourself which ones will work best for you:

Aloe-Vera skin gel (if you own an aloe plant you can simply pinch off a small tip and use the thick gel-like fluid, this is best because it is fresh), olive oil with added skin softener such as Comfrey-juice for soothing and healing or St.

John’s wort for relaxing the skin and muscles. With olive-oil additives, it is best to activate them by putting the oil into direct sunlight– with the St.

John’s wort flower additive (a commonly grown plant in many areas) the oil actually turns very red after being exposed to the sun.

This is very effective and the sunlight also holds an infusion of healing potential. Natural clay can also help treat skin problems, as can lanolin.

For over-the-counter more common company-promoted skincare products you can try:

Smart Shave, Moore Unique Skin Care, Follique (a specific treatment for razor bumps). Dermagen Skin Revival System, Elicina Biological Treatment, Prince Reigns gel. Tend Skin and No Mo’ Bumps After Shave–to name just a few.

Razor bumps are a common problem and taking just a small amount of time to better attend to your sensitive areas. Can make a very big difference in prevention and healing.

Once you identify the problem areas. It can be a simple matter to change a few behaviors and begin to treat yourself to the quality skin condition you truly deserve.

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