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Published: 11/25/2018
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Rotary electric shavers Philips Norelco Series 7000

At first glance, it might seem that the Philips Series 7000 doesn't bring much new to the table compared to the Series 5000. At first glance, the devices in these classes are indeed very similar. Even the Series 9000 is not as different from these series as many would expect after our experience with rival manufacturer Braun.

Ergonomics is a domain that Philips shavers thrive in, so why do anything necessarily different? Philips has really done a great job in this regard, and the consistency of design in the Series 5000 and above can only be commended.

About Philips Series 7000

So what sets the Series 7000 apart from the lower classes? The manufacturer tries to make it clear that the products in this series are aimed primarily at men with sensitive skin. In principle, rotary shavers are less gentle on the skin than blade shavers (cf. comparison of rotary and foil technology). So fans of rotary shavers can cheer as Philips erases one of the biggest drawbacks of this technology.

Another thing that makes the Series 7000 worth getting is blades. It's not clear to us in the editorial department why the manufacturer hasn't boasted about this. The reality is that the Series 7000 has the same blades (V-track) found in the top-of-the-line 9000. Initially, we were confused by the slight change in graphics in the middle of the shaving elements. However, after taking it apart and comparing it to the blades found on the Philips S9711/31, it was confirmed that they are identical.

This difference from the Series 5000 is key, in our opinion. A full list of Series 7000 features that are definitely worth comparing to the Series 5000 can be found below.

SkinGlide Rings

The rings on the shaving head are designed to help make shaving more comfortable. Thus, they are one of the main elements that the manufacturer tries to use to eliminate the shortage of cutters (higher skin irritation). We know from our review of the S7370 shaver that they work very well and that the shave is highly comfortable.


As the introduction implies, the blades are one of the main arguments for getting the Series 7000. The peripheral part of the cutter is designed to capture and shave longer beards, while the inner part is designed to remove shorter beards while helping to lift beards that are close to the skin (such as on the neck).

LED indications

Indicators are an area that Philips doesn't neglect with its rotary shavers. Even in the Series 7000, you can expect battery status indication, full charge/discharge indication, shaving head replacement indication and travel lock indication. The higher the model in the series you get, the more detailed the indication usually is.

Heads rotatable in 5 directions

The 5-way rotating head is something the Series 7000 takes from the lower-end Series 5000. However, in most cases, you won't be doing much harm compared to a top-of-the-line eight-way swivel shaving head. Only gentlemen with very pronounced facial features should beware. If that's not the case, 5 directions will do the trick.

The Aquatec System

Aquatec is another system that contributes to a comfortable shave. It is not the prerogative of the Series 7000. Given the presentation of the series, what would shavers for men with sensitive skin, it is rather a must. You can shave dry or you can also use the wet method using shaving foam or gel. Of course, shaving in the shower is a must.

SmartClick Trimmer

Philips does not offer a standard trimmer on the body of the shaver. The manufacturer offers the trimmer as part of the SmartClick accessory. As the name implies, its charm lies in the fact that you just snap it on. The advantage is better ergonomics and precision of the trimmer. In addition to the trimmer, you can also attach other accessories to the trimmer.

What is not a feature but will surely please everyone is the extended warranty offered directly by the manufacturer. After purchasing a Philips product, simply register at www.philips.com/myphilips

Philips S7370/12

SkinGlide protection rings, Skinprotection system, Aquatec for wet and dry shaving, great blades that you get even in the higher end product line, 50 minutes of shaving on an hour of charge, quick charge, one level battery charge indication, low battery indication, need to clean indication, shaving head replacement indication and travel lock. Exhausting, right? The great news is that you get all these features at a great price. That's why the S7370 was the winner of the test. The price/performance ratio is excellent.


  • excellent value for money,
  • wet shave capability with foam or gel,
  • fast charge in 5 minutes per shave,
  • blades identical to higher-end model,
  • hardened travel case,
  • fully washable.


  • cannot be shaved with power cord attached,
  • one level battery indication,
  • no manual power control.
Do you like the design of the 7300 series?
Do you like the design of the 7300 series?

Philips S7510/41

This model will appeal to those gentlemen who groom longer beards. The S7510 comes with an adjustable trimmer for 5 different lengths ranging from 0.5 - 5 mm. Your shaver will thus not only provide a perfectly smooth shave and a precise beard trim. It will also give you the ability to shape your beard, moustache, or hair (if 5 mm length is enough for you.

As for the other features, you generally get the same as you do with the S7370. Matching blades, a battery, and of course all the elements to ensure a gentle shave.

The slight difference, however, is in the battery indication. With the S7510, you'll have a significantly better view of your battery status, which is communicated through a three-level indicator.


  • trimming attachment adjustable in 5 different lengths,
  • three-level battery level indicator,
  • wet shave option with foam or gel,
  • blades identical to higher-end model,
  • hardened travel case,
  • fully washable.


  • cannot shave with power cord attached,
  • no manual power control
Philips Series 7000 S7510
Philips S7510

Philips S7520/41

If you don't like the colours of the S7510, you can choose another one, which is the S7520. The 7510 and 7520 models do not differ in terms of equipment.

Philips Series 7000 S7520
Philips S7520

Philips S7530/50

Philips S7530 indicates another shaver color. The 50 after the slash indicates an extra SmartClick accessory in the form of a facial cleansing brush.

Philips Series 7000 S7530
Philips S7530

Philips S7720/26

The higher Series 7000 models add a cleaning and charging station to the aforementioned equipment. This will clean your shaver of bacteria and dirt after each shave, lubricate the blades, and also charge the shaver enough to be fully available for the next shave. If your shaver is a workhorse that needs to be 100% ready for action every day, you should choose one of the models with this station.

In addition to this station, the 7720 variant will offer you a three-level battery status indicator and all the other indicators mentioned in the previous models. A standard SmartClick trimmer and hardened travel case are also standard.


  • cleaning and charging station that also lubricates the razor blades,
  • three-level battery level indicator,
  • wet shave option with foam or gel,
  • blades identical to higher-end model,
  • hardened travel case,
  • fully washable.


  • cannot shave with power cord attached,
  • no manual power control.
Philips Series 7000 S7720
Philips S7720

Philips S7780/64

Don't want to make any compromises? Then choose the top-of-the-line Series 7000 model. In addition to the cleaning and charging station, it offers you additional accessories in the form of an adjustable trimmer (5 lengths: 0.5 - 5 mm) and a facial cleaning brush. The latter not only removes impurities from your skin, but also provides your face with a pleasant massage and blood circulation.

Philips Series 7000 S7780
Philips S7780
Our tip for the Series 7000 shaver
  • Shave quality
  • Built quality
  • Battery
  • Value

Philips Series 7000 S7370/12 Wet & Dry

  • excellent price/performance ratio,
  • wet shaving with foam or gel,
  • quick charge in 5 minutes per shave,
  • blades identical to a higher-end model,
  • hardened travel case,
  • fully washable.
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