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Published: 03/30/2019
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How to choose a beard comb?

A beard comb? Or even a brush? Chances are you've never heard of them. They're not very common among men, and using one means you're really serious about your beard.

But their use is both natural and logical. Just as hair requires care to look great, beards are the same way. So here's everything you need to know about beard combs and brushes.

Why and when to comb your beard?

Beard care has many phases, of course. The first is shaving and trimming to the desired length. But once you have a beard as long as you need it to be, you need to take further care of it.

For a standard trim, use:

Aftercare includes washing, waxing, and gelling into shapes that can't be created naturally, as well as combing. It should be mentioned that this applies especially to men with longer beards. If you have three-day stubble on your face, you really don't need a comb.

So you should comb your beard daily to get all the positive effects that this grooming is intended to have. So what does combing your beard do for you?

First of all, regular combing can remove a lot of dirt that settles in thick beards in particular. Secondly, if you want to achieve a certain shape or direction of growth in your beard, if you comb it in the appropriate way for a long enough period of time, the beard will get used to it.

Also, regular combing can ensure that individual beards are less likely to fray and dry out. Importantly, combing also massages the skin under the beard and makes it less irritated.

Comb or brush?

You can either comb or brush your beard. There is, of course, a different tool for each method and each is suitable for different types of beard.


Beard combs are more likely to be used by men who boast a full beard. To be truly effective, manufacturers usually equip them with different teeth than their hair counterparts.

So with a comb, you can easily comb through tangled beards or comb them all in the same direction. Get rid of beard dirt and massage the skin. On the other hand, the comb is not very suitable for beard shaping or moustache care. A beard brush is more suitable for this.

Classic Beard Comb
Classic Beard Comb


As mentioned, the brush's forte is mustache grooming. However, it is not a requirement that it must only be utilized for the mustache. Of course, nothing prevents you from using it for the care of the entire beard.

The brush is also suitable for beard shaping. But don't use the brush first. If you have a really tangled beard, it's better to comb it first with a comb and then shape it with a brush.

The brush should ideally be made of real boar bristles of varying lengths, which are placed very close together and can handle even a thick moustache.

Wooden Beard Brush
Wooden Beard Brush

Folding comb

Both types of tools have some specific variations. One of them is the folding comb. This kind of comb is suitable for men who travel often and want to look great even away from home. The comb can be folded in half, so it doesn't take up as much space and at the same time is protected from any damage.

Folding Beard Comb
Folding Beard Comb

Beard comb with template

This is a special piece, designed for those men who do even the most demanding beard grooming at home. This comb fits into a philosophy that can be characterized by the phrase: "I'm my own hairdresser." Therefore, its handle is shaped like a special semicircle so that it can be used to shape the beard when shaving.

Beard comb with template
Beard comb with template

Tangle teezer

A list of the different types of combs will end with a hit that has taken the world by storm in recent years. The tangle teezer comb, developed by the company of the same name, is suitable for styling both hair and beard. Thanks to its ergonomic grip, it is easier to apply force when detangling and even the most tangled beard will not resist. This effect is enhanced by several rows of teeth that have a similar effect to the bristles on a brush.

Traveling Beard Tangle Teezer
Traveling Beard Tangle Teezer

Beard Washing

Although this article does not focus on beard washing. It is such an important aspect of beard care that it must be mentioned at least in video form.


So you already know that beards need to be combed regularly to maintain the proper shape and direction of growth. Combing will also help take care of the skin and cleanliness of the beard. It should therefore be done at least once a day, but is only suitable for men with longer beards.

It is possible to use either a comb or a brush. The comb is more suitable for combing the beard, the brush for the final shaping.

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