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Published: 10/17/2018 | Last update: 07/30/2022

Electric foil shavers Braun Series 5

Electric foil shavers Braun Series 5

Braun Series 5 shavers are the mid-range of the foil shavers. Compared to the previous generation, the manufacturer has tried to achieve maximum results at an affordable cost. Some new technologies have contributed to this. Who are these shavers for and what can they offer?

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About Braun Series 5

This series is characterised by its gentle use of AutoSense technology. The flexible 8-way head offers a comfortable, precise and effective shave on all areas of the face. The Series 5 models have been given a host of features by the manufacturer. We will talk more about them in the following lines.


The technology of the separate suspension of the cutting elements allows each shaving element to move completely individually, allowing even pronounced facial contours to be shaved.


Provides customization of the shaving head so it maintains contact with the skin. As a result, it leaves behind a minimal amount of unshaven beard.

SensoFoil blades

Unique blades ensure a highly tight contact with the skin without irritating it. The result is smooth skin without redness or scratching.

LED display

With the simple LED display, you can easily see if your razor is charged enough, check the hygiene indicator and simply check the travel lock.

Ergonomic shape

The rubberized handle fits perfectly in the hand and is also highly secure. You can shave in the shower without worrying about the razor slipping out of your wet hands.

Function MultiHeadLock

Simply adjust the triangle to the angle you want, so that its position suits you best. You can choose from up to 5 options in total. In addition, a position lock can also be used.


Captures all beards, even those in the neck and chin areas. This is where shaving with conventional razors can be problematic, as they cannot accommodate adjacent beards.


The water resistance of each device has been tested to a depth of 5 meters. So you can easily clean them by rinsing them under running water. So you can keep your machine clean and ready to use in no time.


The integrated trimmer is highly accurate for shaping sideburns or moustaches. It will fine-tune your image to perfection. At the same time, you do not have to worry about hurting yourself in any way and getting unpleasantly irritated skin.

Wet & Dry

The products marked in this way can also be used for "wet" shaving with foam or gel. You can shave directly in the shower. The shavers do not lose their performance in this way. A pleasant benefit is the increased gentleness to the face. Shaving with foam or gel is especially appreciated by those with sensitive skin.


The shaver will "look around" your face and analyse your beard. Based on the analysis, it then adjusts the power of the entire device so that you can shave with the fewest strokes and without having to apply pressure. And that also means minimal risk of skin irritation. Evaluation with the ability to change power output based on beard thickness allows the technology to change up to 13 times per second.

Clean & Charge

A special charging station can hygienically clean, lubricate and charge the razor. It is very easy to operate, the cleaning program selects itself, the user just presses a button. The station can remove up to 99.9% of bacteria, resulting in up to 10 times better cleaning than just rinsing the device with water.

Lithium-ion battery

The rechargeable battery allows shaving for up to 50 minutes, the specific value depends on the individual device. Subsequently, each razor requires 60 minutes of charging each time. With the quick charge function you can shave once, while the shaver only needs 5 minutes on the charger. The five-level battery indicator also shows the hygiene status and travel lock. On some models, you can hoilt with the razor plugged in or on battery power. For models that are labeled Wet&Dry, you can only shave without the cord attached for safety reasons.

Series 5 shaver, model 5030s

Through the above technologies, this razor will provide a close shave. The flexible eight-way swivel shaving head is primarily responsible for this. Thanks to the MacroMotion technology, it can ensure thorough contact with the lines of your face. At the same time, the separate suspension of the MicroMotion cutting elements contributes to a better fit. The shave is very thorough, but we have to take into account that if you are used to a razor and compare the result with it, the Braun Series 5 5030s will not achieve such perfect results. On the other hand, you won't get into any fights with it, you'll shave faster and you'll ensure a good shave with a simple rinse. No other razor can do that.

The central trimmer can also handle beards that grow sideways or flat. The trimmer on the back of the shaver is also used to shape the beard. The ergonomic shape makes shaving more comfortable, but you can still feel the razor in your hand thanks to its larger size and weight. Due to the use of blade technology, the shaver is noisier compared to rotary models of the same series. A Clean & Charge cleaning station is not available for this model. In the package you will find a cloth bag for this variant, which serves as a travel case. In the accessories section, we would have appreciated a sturdier case in which to carry the machine.

This particular model can be used both on battery and with the cable attached.

What makes it so popular? First and foremost, it's the great price/performance ratio. It's basically the gateway to a new series of shavers. If you don't choose any of the Braun Series 1 or Series 3 models, this is the first in the 5 Series to hit the mark.


  • good price/performance ratio, 
  • option to use with attached cable, 
  • quality of workmanship.

Weak pages:

  • absence of a hard case,
  • relatively rugged device.
Braun Series 5 5030s
Braun Series 5 5030s

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Braun Series 5 5050cc

In terms of available features, it is the same as the other models in the series, i.e. the previous model.

The presence of a cleaning and charging station is what sets the Braun Series 5 5050cc apart from the Braun Series 5 5030s variant.

This will be used by those who don't want to spend too much extra time on the maintenance of their machine, while at the same time wanting complete confidence that their machine is perfectly hygienic and ready for use. Also included is a soft travel case suitable for storing or carrying the machine.


  • cleaning and power station,
  • option to use with attached cable,
  • quality of processing.


  • absence of a hard case,
  • poorer workmanship of the cleaning station,
  • relatively robust device.


Braun 5050cc

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Braun Series 5 5040s

This model again functions identically to the previous variants of the machines. The primary difference is the lack of a cleaning station, as the model's name implies, which is marked with the letter S. The advantage, on the other hand, is that it is designed for wet and dry shaving. The manufacturer declares battery life of 45 minutes. A slight difference from our top model Braun Series 5 5030s is also in the design, respectively in the color. The detailing on this product is rendered in blue, which indicates the presence of the Wet&Dry function.


  • Wet & Dry function,
  • eliminates skin irritation.


  • lower battery life than other models in the series,
  • battery-only shaving.
Braun Series 5 5040s
Braun Series 5 5040s

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Braun Series 5 5145s

As the name implies, the number 51 marks the latest model, with the entire series having undergone something of a rejuvenation. Braun has decided to keep all the updated features in the base, so the differences are only minor - in the colour scheme or in the accessories supplied. This is also the case here. In the package we find a premium hard travel case. Also in this variant, we find the Wet & Dry label, which tells us that the razor can be used for both wet and dry shaving.


  • upgraded design,
  • hardened travel case.


  • worse price/performance ratio,
  • battery-only shaving.
Braun Series 5 5145s
Braun Series 5 5145s

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The entire series will suit those who are looking for a compromise between price and shaver features in the first place. The Series 5 will offer many of the components and features seen in higher-end razors. The price is quite friendly and it follows smoothly on the Series 3. With a one-week battery life, the Braun Series 5 shavers are powerful enough devices that have a strong position in the mid-range shaver class in terms of performance and build quality.

Our tip for the Series 5 shaver
  • Shave quality
  • Built quality
  • Battery
  • Value

Braun Series 5 5050cc

  • cleaning and charging stations - carefree and easy maintenance,
  • lockable shaving head,
  • can be used with attached cable,
  • quality workmanship.
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