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Published: 09/01/2018
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Electric foil shavers Braun Series 3

The Series 3 line is divided into several separate product lines that target different user groups. Series 3 is further divided into models:

  • ProSkin,
  • Shave & Style,
  • CoolTec,
  • common line.

This summary focuses on the popular Series 3 ProSkin, which offers nine razors. What do each model offer, how do they differ from each other and which one is the best?

About Braun Series 3 shavers

The Braun Series 3 products are based on technologies that provide maximum comfort for every skin type and a highly smooth shave.

  • This is mainly guaranteed by the Micro Grip technology, which accommodates more beard on the first stroke.
  • Another unique technology is the three-stage shaving elements that can adapt to every crease of your face.
  • The floating elements are absolutely independent. The Senso Foil blade takes care of smooth skin without irritation.

The razor can offer 45 minutes of shaving with 60 minutes of charging thanks to its powerful battery. If you're in a hurry, you can take advantage of the fast charging feature. Depending on the specific model, many of the Series 3 razors offer the option of operating on the built-in battery or through mains charging.

Series 3 contains many models, we'll show you the differences between them.
Series 3 includes many models, we'll show you the differences between them.

To charge some models, you'll be able to use the Clean & Charge station on some Series 3 models, which can also hygienically clean the razors thanks to a liquid containing alcohol. If you do use this station, avoid applying gel or foam when shaving, as these do not contribute much to the cleaning emulsion or the technique itself.

Shavers can only be used in the shower if they are marked Wet&Dry. The special shape and practical rubberised surface ensure a safe and secure grip even with wet hands.

Best shaver in the Braun Series 3, model 3030s

Undoubtedly the most popular customer choice is the Braun Series 3 with the 3030s. The machine delivers a precision shave and is also a good value for money choice.

It is pleasant to use not only thanks to its ergonomic shape, but also in terms of quiet operation. The shaver has a trimmer for perfect grooming not only of the beard, but also of the sideburns.

This is a combination shaver, so you can use the built-in battery for power as well as mains operation.

This shaver does not have a clean & charge station, while the Series 3 has this option, for example the 3050cc.


  • great price/performance ratio,
  • easy operation,
  • good ergonomics,
  • trimmer,
  • easy and inexpensive maintenance.

Weak pages:

  • higher vibration,
  • cannot be used in shower.

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If ease of maintenance and hygiene is a priority for you, choose a model other than the 3030s. If you prefer great value for money, performance and quality you need look no further. In fact, in the world of electric foils, there is probably no better choice.

Braun Series 3 3030s
Braun Series 3 3030s

Braun Series 3 3045s

The Braun Series 3045s, like the previous model, is based on Senso Foil blade technology and also uses the Micro Comb function for the ultimate smooth shave and a triple shaving system. Like its predecessor, it features a trimmer for the perfect finish to your exterior.

For an even better shaving experience, you can also shave in the shower with this shaver, as it is labeled Wet & Dry. Due to this fact, it can only be used on battery power, without a cord attached.

This model may be of particular interest to travelers. You will be pleased to see the presence of a quality travel case in the package.


  • Shave in the shower,
  • shave with gel or foam,
  • quality travel case included.


  • Can only shave with the cord disconnected.

Braun Series 3 3040s

This is a Wet&Dry type, so we have to reckon that it is purely cordless and cannot be used with a mains connection. It is virtually identical in features and functions to the Braun Series 3030s. So the only thing that separates the two models is the ability to use it in the shower with shaving foam or gel. Which is appreciated by gentlemen with sensitive skin.


  • a very popular model,
  • the ability to shave in the shower,
  • shaving with gel or foam.


  • absence of a travel case,
  • the ability to shave only with the cord disconnected.

Braun Series 3 3020s

Based on the most popular model, the Braun Series 3030s. Once again, you'll find Micro Comb technology to guide the beard directly to the blade for trimming. This type of shaver can be used with battery or mains operation. The shaver differs from the 3030s with a simplified LED indication.


  • Can be used with power cord attached.


  • simplified LED indication,
  • worse price/performance ratio.

Braun Series 3 3010s

Are you primarily concerned with shaving per se? Don't need a trimmer and don't care what technological innovations a shaver offers? This model is for you.

Compared to the 3030s version, the shaver is not equipped with a trimmer. It is a Wet & Dry model, so it can be used in the bath or shower with shaving foam or gel for maximum comfort. Like the 3020s, it includes simplified LED indication.


  • Use in the shower is not a problem,
  • option to use shaving foam or gel,
  • shaving with power cord attached or on battery.


  • simplified LED indication,
  • battery-only operation,
  • absence of trimmer.

Braun Series 3 3080s Wet&Dry

From the Wet&Dry moniker, it can be inferred that the device is designed for comfortable shaving in the shower with the option of using foam or gel. For safety reasons, you can only run it on battery power. In addition to this feature, which is offered by many other Series 3 devices, this model will offer:

  • a lockable shaving head that lets you get into those hard-to-reach places,
  • a high-quality travel case,
  • a charging stand so the 3080s will always have a place in your bathroom.


  • charging stand,
  • quality travel case,
  • lockable shaving head,
  • use in the shower is not a problem,
  • option to use shaving foam or gel,
  • shaving with power cord attached or on battery.


  • operation with cable connected is not possible.

Braun Series 3 3000s

This model lacks a trimmer, so it is designed for shaving only and will satisfy those users who are less demanding. If you shave every day for a smooth shave and don't worry about shaping your beard and sideburns, this model will certainly do the trick.


  • waterproof (same as other Series 3 models),
  • shaving with cable attached in network.


  • worse price/performance ratio,
  • absence of trimmer,
  • no ergonomic handle,
  • slower charging.

Braun Series 3 3050cc

Unlike the original Braun Series 3 3030s, a three-phase Clear & Charge Cleaning Station is available for this machine, which not only charges the machine but also keeps it perfectly clean. Otherwise, these are the same products.


  • great price/performance ratio,
  • Clean&Charge cleaning and charging station,
  • convenient benefits with the 3030s,
  • networked shaving with attached cable.


  • doesn't allow shaving with foam or gel,
  • operating cost of cleaning station (emulsion).

Braun Series 3 3090cc

This is a model with a combined power option, that is, both mains and battery power. At the same time, when compared to the 3030s variant, it also has a Clear&Charge charging station. It also has advanced LED indication and a precision shave button that allows you to lock the movable blade.

In terms of the Series 3, this is the most equipped and advanced model of them all. So if you are a more demanding user, this is the model for you.


  • Advanced LED indication,
  • Clean & Charge cleaning and charging station,
  • locking shaver head,
  • hardened travel case,
  • networked shaver with attached cord.


  • doesn't allow shaving with foam or gel,
  • operating cost of cleaning station (emulsion).
Our tip for the Series 3 shaver
  • Shave quality
  • Built quality
  • Battery
  • Value

Braun Series 3 3030s

  • great price/performance ratio,
  • real battery life of 45 minutes,
  • shaving head replacement indication,
  • simple design - nothing to go wrong.
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