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Published: 10/11/2018
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Electric foil shavers Braun Series 1

Braun Series 1 shavers are the perfect choice in terms of shaving quality and their concept is suitable for beginners, in the hierarchy of Braun series, it is basically a kind of basic class. The following lines will tell you more about them. You will also find out which one is the best for you.

About the Braun Series 1 product line

Everyone can enjoy maximum comfort in use with the ergonomic design. Another advantage is the high skin-friendliness and shaving efficiency thanks to the extra wide shaving head. It contains only the basic functions, but simplicity is not a bad thing if you are choosing your first shaver and don't yet know which functions you want to use and which you don't. The big advantage of this range is that you can also use selected models from the mains.

Braun Series 1 razors
Braun Series 1 shavers

The trimmer in this series is also of a very good standard. But of course, we can't expect the amount of features that appear in the higher product lines, such as the Sonic ultrasonic technology or the Lift & Cut shaving element. Don't expect the qualities that higher-end shavers have from this line, either. When evaluating, we take into account the price range of the products as well as competing products in this class. Of course, with the Series 1 we cannot expect the amount of features that appear in the higher product lines, such as the Sonic ultrasonic technology or the Lift&Cut shaving element. Don't expect the qualities that higher-end shavers like the Series 5, Series 7 or Series 9 have from this series either.

Technology used

Special shaving system

The shaver has been designed with two foils and an integrated middle trimmer for the perfect effect. It can handle even longer and hard-to-reach beards.


The wide, movable foil can precisely follow all the curves of your face. This ensures a perfectly smooth shave.


The special thin foil comes into closer contact with the skin when shaving. This gives a better shave while providing more comfort to the skin.

Extendable Trimmer

Simply slide the trimmer out to trim long beards, sideburns or even a moustache. The trimmer is not essential in shavers. However, what will surprise you about the Series 1 is that even for a shaver in this price range, it can really trim.

IPX7 waterproof

This product line is IPX7 waterproof, which means it can be submerged to a maximum depth of 5 meters. In practice, this makes the machine very easy to clean, just rinse it under running water.

LED indication and fast charging

Battery requires 1 hour of charging for 30 minutes of shaving, LED indicator indicates battery status. The machines include an accelerated charging option, which charges the battery to the point where it lasts for one shave within 5 minutes.

Variable power option

You can use a mains connection or battery to power all Series 1 shavers, depending on the model. The battery models are suitable for travel, while the mains-connected models are appreciated by individuals who prefer reliability and usually shave in the comfort of their own home.

Ergonomic design

The ingenious design ensures a reliable grip. In addition, the body of the machine is equipped with a practical rubberised grip. This ensures very good handling and a very precise shave and trim. In addition, it is safe to use, the rubber is non-slip, so the shaver will not fall out even with wet hands.

Best Braun Series 1 shaver, model 130s

What does the Series 1 130s actually look like, what do you get in the package, what quality, and at what price? The complete review of this device will tell you the best way to find out. If you're interested in the design and packaging, this video will do the trick.

For the best possible effect, the shaver uses the aforementioned SmartFoil technology with an ultra-thin foil that adheres perfectly to the skin and shaves every crease. The thin head also helps to ensure a close shave. The retractable trimmer is then used to shape the beard. Easily trim moustaches, long beards or sideburns.

Surprise me, even in this price range, the trimmer really works. Braun deserves praise for that.

After use, the trimmer can be easily cleaned. It is waterproof and should be able to handle depths of up to 5 meters. However, in normal use you will naturally be most interested in the fact that you can simply rinse it under running water thanks to this feature. Braun is thus one of the few manufacturers in this series to retain the option of shaving with the cord attached. If you don't want to deal with the hassle of making sure the shaver is sufficiently charged so you can shave, the Braun Series 1 130s is a good choice. The cord needs to be handled with sensitivity, though, as it differs from the original cords of older types. And it can be prone to dropping out. And even in terms of the high level of workmanship, the body is plastic and the materials used lend it sufficient durability. The device is certainly not as quiet in operation as the Series 7 and Series 9 models.

Model 130s package contents
Model 130s package contents

The absence of any extra features ensures users a very comfortable operation and easy handling of this machine. At the same time, unlike other equipped models, the Braun Series 1 130s wins with an extremely friendly price tag. The machine thus retains what is most important, a precise and reliable shave.

Unlike higher-end models, however, you have to take into account that it shaves short beards better, but longer beards may be a problem with this product.

Ergonomic design fits precisely in any hand and prevents unwanted slipping of the shaver. For everyday use, you will certainly appreciate the very light weight of the whole device. The elegant dark blue color scheme will delight any owner who is bored of conservative black.


  • high shave quality,
  • affordable price,
  • mains power.


  • less well-made charger,
  • noise compared to higher series.
Braun Series 1130s-1

Braun Series 1 190s

The basis common to the entire Series 1 has been retained in this model. It features a narrow shaving head that can follow the curves of the face precisely. This provides a particularly precise shave while remaining gentle on the skin. It does not offer many extra functions, thus satisfying the connoisseurs of simplicity and reliability. There is simply nothing to break.

Braun Series 1, model 190s
Braun Series 1, model 190s

This version of the shaver already comes with a battery, like most devices on the market. A fully charged battery lasts for approximately 30 minutes of shaving. After that, the shaver needs to be charged again. The battery will recharge to full in 1 hour. The shaver is equipped with a fast charge function, which means that if you are really in a hurry, you can charge the shaver in 5 minutes so that you can shave once with it. You can easily tell the charging status by the LED indicator.


  • good value for money, 
  • low weight, 
  • long battery life.


  • Signal diode problems,
  • less powerful for longer beards.

Braun Series 1 170s

Like its series cousins, this shaver is based on the unique FreeFloat system, which gives even demanding users great results. In addition to the shaving function itself, it also includes a trimmer. For easy maintenance, the device is fully washable. It is also lightweight for easy handling.

This is a clipper that is powered only by the mains. It therefore has no battery, which is a significant advantage for some users in terms of the aforementioned weight and durability of a device where you don't have to deal with battery wear and tear.

It doesn't differ from the previous Braun Series 1 190s, which is also designed as a cordless model, in terms of functionality but only in terms of colour.


  • Network power, 
  • simplicity and reliability.


  • weaker performance, 
  • short cable.

Braun Series 1 195s

So in this case, the two foils system and the integrated middle trimmer have been retained. Even though Braun has already launched several more modern series, the Braun Series 1 still does not lose any quality and maintains its popularity among users. Its advantage is its versatile use. You can recharge it from the mains, or use the built-in battery for its operation, which has an  exceptionally long life for its class. The disadvantage may be the higher purchase price compared to other versions, which can be seen as a necessary "tax" for the more diverse features.


  • combination power supply,
  • smooth and gentle shave,
  • great battery life.


  • noisier in operation,
  • expensive spare parts. 

Braun Series 1 197s

Like all models, the latest member of this series is based on the FreeFloat moving foil and the improved SmartFoil. This allows the machine to deliver a close shave with maximum comfort. The main difference that sets it apart from the series is the possibility of combined use. It is thus essentially the equivalent of the Braun Series 1 195s in a different colour scheme. This is matched by the sufficient battery life per charge, as well as the high quality material processing of the product. However, the price of this product already hits the Series 3. Therefore, consider well whether this investment is still worth it for you.


  • both battery and mains operation,
  • endurance on a single charge,
  • quality of workmanship.


  • heating of the foil while shaving.
Our tip for Series 1 foil shaver
  • Shave quality
  • Built quality
  • Value

Braun 130s

  • battery-free - light weight,
  • simple, trouble-free construction,
  • shaves longer beards less easily - suitable for daily shaving.
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