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Published: 09/07/2019 | Last update: 07/30/2022

Best nose hair trimmer

Best nose hair trimmer

The hairs in the nose or ears function as a defence system of the human body. They trap harmful bits of dust and other substances, and also keep moisture in the air we breathe. Yet they are often too long, unsightly and a nuisance to many men. They try to remove them in more or less effective ways.

We have prepared an overview of the various methods for removing and grooming unwanted hair and a comparison of the trimmers you can use for this purpose. You are sure to find one that suits your needs.

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How to get rid of nose hair: methods and their comparison

There are a number of methods and we believe you have already tried some of them. The hair removal options below cover both nose and ear hair.

Rounded Scissors

Rounded scissors for trimming nose and ear hair
Rounded scissors for trimming nose and ear hair

One popular method is to use tiny scissors, which you can buy in just about any drugstore. When choosing scissors, make sure they have rounded edges. This will prevent possible damage to the skin. However, you can only remove or trim visible hairs with scissors and this method is relatively slow. However, for basic nose hair removal, the use of scissors is quite sufficient.

The obvious advantage of this method of nose and ear hair removal is the cost of purchase. The investment does not exceed a hundred pennies.

On the other hand, there are a number of disadvantages:

  • the scissors do not remove adjacent hairs and so you often have to repeat the trimming,
  • the trimming of hairs, especially in the ears, is problematic and skeletal in the mirror view,
  • so there is a higher risk of injury.

Tearing and Waxing

Nose hair waxing
Nose hair waxing

Tweezing is relatively common. After all, we often have tweezers at home. But tweezing is slow and painful.

Some beauty salons even offer hair removal with wax. Unfortunately, plucking hair (whether with tweezers or wax) can lead to the formation of wounds that can easily become infected. While this method does remove the hair and the root, it is really painful and waxing in particular can lead to skin damage deep in the nose.

If you are still interested in waxing, you can look for special waxes. These have been designed to remove hair only at the edge of the nostril. If you decide to apply the wax yourself at home, make sure you follow the instructions.

laser removal

Laser Hair Removal in Nose
Laser Hair Removal in Nose

To make our list complete, we can't leave out the laser removal option. However, this is very expensive and can also damage the mucous membranes inside the nasal cavity.

This is why this method for removing nose hair is rather inappropriate and should be avoided. The potential problems do not outweigh the possible benefits of this treatment.

This fact also applies to IPL epilation, which incidentally is often confused with laser epilation by professional salons themselves.

If you are interested in laser epilation after all. Then count on the fact that you can only remove hair on the edge and that you will need to make at least 3 visits to achieve satisfactory results.

Specialized Trimmers

An increasingly popular method for removing hair in the nose and ears are specialized trimmers. Not only is their use painless, but also gentle and quick. Many trimmers even have other useful features and accessories, such as eyebrow trimmer attachments, skin cleansing attachments, skin massage attachments and more.

Nose hair trimming
Nose hair trimming
Trimming ear hair
Trimming ear hair
Eyebrow Trimming
Eyebrow Trimming

One of the manufacturers of trimmers, for example, is the brand Philips. This manufacturer's trimmers have long been gaining followers for their quality, and this is no different with the Philips Series 3000 nose hair trimmer with the NT3160/10 label, which is reviewed in our blog. Among its main advantages are the sharp blades that make removing unwanted hair quick and painless. Plus, you'll appreciate the water resistance and quality workmanship.

The clippers range in price from a few hundred crowns to the lower thousands. This is incomparably more than buying a rounded pair of scissors, however, compared to other methods of hair removal, this investment is relatively small. Considering the comfort, safety and the result that a specialized trimmer leaves behind, it is a great buy.

What's in a typical nose hair trimmer package

In the package you will of course find not only the razor itself but often also additional accessories such as a stand, trimming attachments, massage attachments or skin cleaning brushes. However, accessories of this type can be found in the packages of more expensive trimmer models.

The packaging of standard trimmers usually includes:

  • hair trimmer of the manufacturer,
  • blade cover,
  • protective case,
  • AA battery/charging adapter.

When you choose your trimmer, you will notice that products in the lower and mid-price range do not differ much in terms of features and functions. The price difference depends more on the brand.

Typical packaging of a mid-range specialized trimmer
Typical packaging of a mid-range specialized trimmer

What features specialized trimmers offer

As with the contents of the package, features may vary depending on the manufacturer and price range you choose. The aforementioned Philips Series 3000 NT3160/10 trimmer has ProtecTube technology, for example. This ensures that the blades are protected by a very thin film with rounded corners, which protects you from abrasions on your skin.

Other typical features that you are sure to encounter are water resistance and maintenance-free blades.

Among the cheaper trimmers on the market is the SENCOR SNC 101 BL, for example. In addition to trimming nose and ear hair, you'll also appreciate it for trimming sideburns, as it offers a depilatory attachment. Plus, it has integrated lighting, so you can see even the most inconspicuous hairs.

Most trimmers work on the rotary principle, which makes hair removal really fast and painless.

Ergonomics of nose hair trimmers

Even within ergonomics, you can expect some differences. The cheaper versions of trimmers are usually constructed of plastic and the cutting blades tend to be stainless steel. However, they mostly agree on easy handling and comfortable grip, which many users appreciate. A rubberized handle is also common, which makes it easy to use the trimmer in the shower, for example, and it won't slip out of your hand.

But if you compare the ergonomics offered by other nose hair trimming methods with those offered by specialized trimmers, you'll find abysmal differences. Specialized nose and ear trimmers are the clear winner compared to other trimming methods.

Power and runtime

The operation of the trimmer is often provided by classic AA batteries. The same solution was chosen by the manufacturer, for example, for the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler 2in1. So if you get a trimmer with AA batteries, you will have to recharge them in a separate charger or buy new ones.

From an environmental standpoint, we recommend purchasing rechargeable batteries, along with a charger. The battery life of such a battery is around 1.5 months when used and the type of battery chosen.

Some trimmers, however, do not use AA batteries. Alternatives include AAA batteries, such as the Valera 619.01, and sometimes the trimmer has a built-in rechargeable battery and power adapter.

Among the cordless trimmers is the Moser 9865-1901 EasyGroom Detailer. It lasts up to 120 minutes without corded operation after charging, which is well over 2 months.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Most available trimmers are waterproof, so you only need to rinse the device under running water. However, this is not true for all. The BaByliss E650E, for example, is unfortunately not waterproof.

Another common advantage of many trimmers is the detachable head, which makes cleaning really easy.

Some trimmers, such as the Philips NT5180/15, are maintenance-free. And you don't have to lubricate their blades. However, if maintenance is necessary and the blades need oiling, then often an oil can is also included. You will find this, for example, with the Rowenta TN 3500 trimmer.

An interesting choice with regard to hygiene is also the Remington NE 3850 trimmer. It features an antimicrobial nano silver surface and the Active BladeClean system.

The Active BladeClean system actively reduces bacteria and significantly reduces bacteria formation.

Among the more expensive trimmers is the Philips NT5180/15. This comes in a sleek case along with a manicure kit so you can take your grooming really complete.

Combination Trimmers

If you want to groom your nose and ear hairs, you don't necessarily need to get specialized trimmers. Nowadays, many multifunctional trimmers also offer a special attachment designed just for this use.

If you are looking for a beard or hair trimmer and also thinking about getting a nose hair trimmer, then consider investing in a multi-function trimmer.

One example of a multifunction trimmer is the Braun MGK. This versatile trimmer provides a comprehensive plethora of services, and if you have one, you shouldn't need any other tool to customize your look. The special attachment for nose and ear hairs will get rid of them easily, quickly and without pulling.

The premium multi-function trimmer Philips Series 7000 MG7770/15 also offers a nose and ear hair attachment among its 18 tools. And if you're a fan of the Philips brand, the Philips Series 3000 MG3740/15 multi-function shaver will also appeal to you.

If a multi-purpose trimmer is just what you're looking for, we recommend reading our comparison article on Braun MGK trimmers. In it, you'll find not only a comparison of each product, but also an overview of their features and benefits.

Ergonomics of multifunction trimmers is not quite perfect
Ergonomics of multifunction trimmers is not quite perfect

For multi-function trimmers, expect worse ergonomics than trimmers designed for nose and ear hair removal. However, the difference in ergonomics is not a reason to buy two different devices.

Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer Comparison

Of course, individual trimmers differ in a number of ways. Not only in price, but also in features, durability, maintenance, etc. We have prepared a comparison for you in which you will find a comparison of several trimmers that should not escape your attention. The ranking is compiled to cover the needs of most users. The aim is not to put the most expensive and feature-rich device at the top, as it may not be the right one for many users.

If you are still unsure about the method for removing nose and ear hair, you can try consulting, for example, a dermatologist or barber shops.

Whichever option you decide on, keep in mind that nose and ear hairs also have a function. So if you want to remove them, rather focus on the parts that bother you for aesthetic reasons and avoid injuring the inside of your nose.

Winner of the test: Philips Series 3000 NT3160/10
  • Shave quality
  • Built quality
  • Battery
  • Value

Quality trimmer with the best price/performance ratio

Sharp, maintenance-free blades that are guaranteed not to drag. Tiny accessories for cutting eyebrows and safe storage. All from a reputable brand and for just a few dollars. Our expert editorial team highly recommends this product.

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