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Published: 11/01/2020
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Beard oil: which one to choose, why and how to use it?

Fashion trends speak clearly in favour of beards, beards and trimmed stubble. However, it is the word "groomed" that is crucial in the case of the manicured beard. There is often a fine line between sloppy elegance and a somewhat unkempt look.

How best to care for your beard to keep it healthy, thick and easy to groom? Take your beard care to the next level and experience the beneficial effects of beard oils.

Why use beard oils?

Nutrition and hydration. These are the key properties of beard oils. Especially for owners of thick, unruly beards, they can become a literally indispensable tool.

In short - oils soften and nourish the beard, make it less frizzy and the grooming process is literally a breeze. With regular use, the beard is also shiny and smells great, which will surely be appreciated by the dear halves. What other deficiencies do the oils help with and what benefits do they offer?

Acne, dandruff and itching all have a common saviour

Helps with problematic skin

Whiskers may cover up minor imperfections like acne, but they are also often the cause of them. They trap food debris, dirt, dust and other particles. This clogs the pores and gradually causes pimples to form. Although the name 'beard oil' suggests that it is intended only for beard grooming, it is primarily rubbed into the skin, where it nourishes the beard from within. Even if you have oily skin, you don't have to be afraid to use oils. Ideally, choose products containing jojoba oil, which has a similar composition to your own skin's sebum and clearly benefits problematic skin as well.

Solves dandruff problems

Another common problem that beard oils help to combat effectively is dandruff. They are most often caused due to lack of hydration or due to the use of improper cosmetics. Beard oils (especially those containing argan oil) have the ability to effectively moisturize the skin and combat this problem.

End the itch

Beard oils are similarly beneficial in the case of itching. This is most often caused by frequent shaving of short beards, insufficient sebum production and dirt that sticks in the beard. The oils will moisturise the skin and beard and also promote sebum production.

Itchy, dry and irritated skin plagues many men, not just those with beards
Itchy, dry and irritated skin plagues many men, not just those with beards

Beard oils can tackle dandruff, dehydrated skin and itchiness.

What do beard oils contain?

Beard oils most often contain essential oils such as argan, almond, jojoba, grapeseed, but also, for example, rosemary, sandalwood, patchouli or lavender.

The right combination of beneficial oils and aromatic ingredients will ensure a pleasant scent, shine and nourishment for both the skin and hair follicles.

The combination of essential oils and natural aromas will ensure your skin is moisturized and your beard smells great.

Who are beard oils for?

It is no exaggeration to say that beard oils are suitable for all men with different skin types. While this may seem unlikely at first glance, most oils are very easily absorbed, do not leave a greasy film and do not clog pores.

Some oils (such as almond or jojoba) are more nourishing and therefore more suited to dehydrated skin. In addition, because of the longer absorption time, these types of oils are better applied in the evening before bed or only a few times a week. In the long run, however, it will definitely do its job and benefit your skin.

Beard polish is, without exaggeration, suitable for all men with different skin types.

How do you apply beard oils correctly?

It is always advisable to wash your beard thoroughly first, then dry it and then apply the optimal amount of oil, which will be different for each beard (2-5 drops for shorter beards, 7-10 drops for beards). In this case, it is clearly true that less is sometimes more. Therefore, be sparing with the oil and rather add a few drops if necessary.

Wash the oil in the palms of your hands before application and apply first to the sides of your face, then to the front and chin, and finally under your nose and into your moustache. Rub the oil into the beard and also into the skin underneath, massaging thoroughly to activate the skin and allow better blood circulation and absorption of the oil. Finally, it's ideal to comb the beard with a comb or beard brush to get the oil evenly into all the necessary areas.

How often should you use beard oil?

The frequency of use depends primarily on your skin type, the desired effect and, perhaps a little surprisingly, the weather or season. If you have dry skin that requires hydration, you can safely use the oil every morning and evening. Normal and oily skin will be best suited if you use the oil daily, or as often as needed. Try everything out and see for yourself what frequency of application suits you. It is easier to add than to subtract. High heat, bathing in chlorinated or salt water, or frost can also increase the consumption of your favourite beard oil, which dries out the skin and helps protect it very effectively.

Think about thoroughly rinsing styling products from your beard before each oil application (especially in the evening). This step will prevent unnecessary clogging of the pores and allow the beard to absorb the oil itself.

The frequency of use of beard oils depends primarily on the type of skin.

Best beard oil

The specific choice of the ideal oil is very individual. Therefore, you will literally have to try out for yourself which one suits you best. Take inspiration from our list of the most popular beard oils and the video below.

Which oils are definitely worth reaching for?

Captain Fawcett Ricki Hall's Booze & Baccy

Captain Fawcett's oils are the finest you can buy today. Don't be alarmed that a British manufacturer will let you pay for its products. You won't regret it.

Proraso Wood and Spice

A delicious beard oil with a cedar wood scent with hints of Mediterranean citrus, this is designed for long, thick beards. Definitely a rightful member of our oil selection.

Angry Beards Bobby Citrus

The divine citrus scent, essential oil-rich formula and vitamin E will ensure your beard will always look like you just had a session at your favorite Barber.

Angry Beards Christopher The Traveller Beard Oil

A pleasant scent, nourishment without weighing you down and simply the best food for your beard. In addition, it reliably counteracts itching, dandruff and is also great as a conditioner.

Angry Beards Jack Saloon

The unique combination of almond, argan and avocado oils in this popular product will soften and nourish even the most unruly beard. All from a Czech manufacturer.

Also read the article How to Stimulate Beard Growth for information on oils suitable for promoting beard growth.


If you're really serious about your beard, you basically can't avoid oils. Whether because of the aforementioned skin problems or simply to keep your beard looking good for the long term.

As with everything, you don't have to overdo it with oils. Just a few drops on your entire beard and moustache is enough, and most oils will last for quite a long time. So you don't have to worry about these cosmetics costing you an exorbitant amount.

Beard oil: which one to choose, why and how to use it?
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Beard oil: which one to choose, why and how to use it?
Beard care is taking on an increasingly sovereign form as time goes on. Beard oils also have their essential place in it, as they effectively moisturise the skin, help to combat itchy skin and are also great for taming unruly beards.
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