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Published: 10/22/2017
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Philips shavers

Philips manufactures a range of popular cordless shavers, is also a leading manufacturer of lighting, healthcare products worldwide and other consumer electronics.

Philips brand history

This Dutch company was originally founded in Eidhoven in 1891. Today, the company's headquarters are also in the Netherlands, but in Amsterdam. You may know the company's slogan "Innovation and You" from TV or other commercials. Their original electric shavers have undergone considerable development. Nowadays, the manufacturer focuses on cordless shavers with batteries and also the SmartClean system, which makes cleaning easier for customers.

Historic Philips Banner
Historic Philips Banner

With more than 105,000 employees worldwide, Philips is one of the largest manufacturers of consumer electronics today, benefiting mainly in research and development. When father Frederik and son Gerard Philips founded the company in 1891, they could hardly have imagined that they would one day employ so many people in more than 60 countries.

Gerard, what banker would finance the creation of a factory in Eidhoven. The company's first manufactured products were carbon-fibre light bulbs and other electrical products, which formed complementary sales.

The beginning of manufacturing, the rise and fall

Production began the year after the company was founded, in 1892. Philips was no exception and got off to a rather difficult start. Once the company was nearly bankrupt, another son of the family named Anton was drawn into the family business.

After the help of another son, the company was doing well by 1907. It expanded in lighting technology and built a completely new factory, again in Eindhoven. At this stage, the company was strong enough to found the "Philips Corporation".

Finally in 1939, the company brought the first electric shaver to the world, which was named "Philishave". In the USA, this product was sold under the brand name "Norelco".

Revolutionary razor technology

The "Philishave" brand was used by Philips from 1939 until 2006.  Philishave itself represents the rotary shaver technology developed by Alexander Horowitz. However, production of this technological innovation was limited due to the advent of World War II.

First Philips rotary shaver - Philishave
First Philips rotary shaver - Philishave

World War II

On May 9, 1940, members of the Philips family learned that the Netherlands would be invaded by the Germans the following day. Fortunately, the plans were known at Philips, which allowed the company and many members of the Philips family to emigrate to the USA with most of their capital. The capital was hidden from the US government, some of the production tools and technology were then hidden from the Germans (who controlled most of the factories), leaving the Philips family to be wary on all fronts.

In the US, the family operated the company as "The North American Philips Company" and managed to produce products for consumers despite the war.

During the war, the family also saved more than 380 Jewish lives by convincing the Nazis that their role in the factory was absolutely vital and essential to the running of the company. Frits of the Philips family was subsequently honored for this feat in 1995. After the end of the war, the company moved back to the Netherlands.


Today, Philips is divided into three different divisions. One is focused on consumer goods, one on lighting products and the third on health and medical products.

In 2012, Philips was the largest lighting manufacturer in the world. In 2013, the consumer electronics division was to be sold to Funai in Japan, but unfortunately the parties involved did not reach an agreement on the sale and everything ended up in court.

Today Philips is also a giant in the field of lighting technology.
Today Philips is also a giant in the field of lighting technology.

Philips is a publicly traded company listed on the Amsterdam (Euronext Amsterdam) and New York (New York Stock Exchanges) stock exchanges. The company's headquarters are located in Canada, the USA, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil.

Philips' two main shaver production centers are located in Drachten, the Netherlands, as well as in Zhuhai, China.

Philips shavers
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Philips shavers
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