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Published: 06/05/2021
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How to Use Beauty Blender for Contouring [Tips & Tricks]

The Beauty Blender makeup sponge is one of the best beauty tools out there. It can be used for applying base products of all types. Such as concealer and foundation.

This kind of sponge, when used in a proper way. Can give you a flawless, uniform, and smooth appearance with cosmetic products. When you use any other tool, you cannot expect your makeup to appear natural and wonderful.

A multi-purpose makeup tool. The Beauty Blender can be used for applying all the makeup. You can use simply this tool for highlighting and contouring your skin.

It looks very natural and is effective and easy. How to use a beauty blender for contouring? Read on to get a stepwise guide.

Beauty Blender for Contouring - How to Use the Tool?

How to use a beauty blender for contouring? You can simply follow these steps:

1. Apply a highlighting concealer beneath the eyes, in the shape of an inverted V. It can lift your eyes up immediately and give added dimension to your face.

2. Use a damp beauty blender to blend this into your skin. A regular beauty blender’s flat side or a mini beauty blender. Can be used to dab the product gently into the skin.

Keep in mind that you should not drag it across the face. Rather, you should press it gently into the skin.

3. Use a cream contour stick to contour your face. This can be used very easily. Looks very natural in appearance.

Use the stick for drawing contour lines along your cheekbones’ hollows or in any other part that you would like to make slightly more well-defined – like along your forehead or along the sides of your nose.

4. Use a damp beauty blender to blend the harsh lines away. Make use of the damp beauty blender to blend all the contour lines away. Until every edge is blurred into your skin.

You need to ensure not to have the product dragged across the skin. But to dab everything softly. Until it gets uniformly blended.

5. Use a highlighter on your face’s high points. Next, you might apply a powder or cream highlighter along your nose bridge or atop your cheekbones.

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You may directly apply a cream highlighter using your fingers or the stick. In case you are putting a powder highlighter to use. you may use a mini beauty blender sponge. Or a brush in order to apply it.

A touch of blush, in the end, can make your face rosy warm again, and make it look livelier. It can give you a balanced look, slightly sunburnt and a little shy. You can complete the look with a hint of setting spray and be ready to go out.

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